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MRFC trip to Plymouth 5th to 7th November 2011

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Boats at Plymouth
Sensible man but what about the shirt
Spot the natural redhead
Taking it handy
Tanking up
Are these ould guys still playing rugby
The three wise men
Was this before or after Sammy dropped the ball
President always looks the part
Crouch touch pause ........
True fans
Why has Paddy his pyjamas on
Jacket button under pressure
The glasses work but the shirt's terrible
Davy's hair needs a respray
Discussing selection no doubt
Get that man a moustache to match his hair
In full voice - Red is the rose
That beer sure is good for the voice
Seamie in reflective mood
Andy Capp
Staying near the bar
The fan club
Wurzel Dolan
The speech - What did he say
Three little ducks
Up Ballybay
Very sensible looking
Who owns the cap
Words of wisdom from Sloaner
Beans and beer - Great packing
Plymouth harbour

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